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Build Better Credit with Friends

Build credit with friends by making consistent contributions to your group members to build a positive payment history.

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Pool Funds

Pool Funds

Link your debit card for automatic transfers

Invite Friends

Invite Friends

Create an account and invite friends to join your group



Take turns to receive the total group fund


Make every purchase count

Whether it’s Netflix or rent, use MICC card for everyday purchases to build credit with regular on-time payments.

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How MICC helps

  • Boost your payment history

    We report your monthly payments to the major credit bureaus. Each one builds your payment history and your credit.

  • Length of credit history

    The older your account gets, the better. Consistent use of the MICC Card will help you build credit.

  • Interest-free loans

    Access Money from your peer group to fund big purchases that life requires.

  • Grow your savings

    Help you build a savings net by using the power of your own community.

I love the work MICC is doing to empower immigrant business owners to gain access to credit at sustainable rates.

Chijoke Amadi

Chijoke Amadi

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